ZOIC Navaeh Novelty Short + Essential Liner – Women’s. You love your Navaeh Shorts, but you’d like a little more excitement in your life. Taking the Women’s ZOIC Navaeh Novelty Short out on a new trail seems like an obvious solution, and you can keep the comfortable ride you’re used to while doubling down on an exciting print and new forest paths. Constructed from lightweight, breathable fabric with stretchy performance, the Navaeh Novelty also brings a removable liner to the table. Polyester helps wick away excess body heat, while the chamois cushions your tush as you wend along shaded trails. With an elastic, adjustable waist and plenty of spots to tuck away energy goo, you can hit the hills all day long and return with enough enthusiasm for casual dinner with your friends–once you remove the liners, of course.

ZOIC Navaeh Novelty Short + Essential Liner - Women's

ZOIC Navaeh Novelty Short + Essential Liner, Women’s