The Salomon MTN Explore W Alpine Touring Ski Boots treads the line between an all-purpose touring boot and the fast-and-light category, with superb touring range of motion (63deg) and weight under 1300 grams. Suitable for hut trips, big vertical days and general day touring all at once, the MTN Explore is known for its simple and reliable walk mode and heat moldable Custom Shell HD fit process. Last: 98 mm Narrow forefoot with relaxed ankle and […]

Womens Salomon MTN Explore W Alpine Touring Ski Boots 2022 in White size 24.5

Women’s Salomon MTN Explore W Alpine Touring Ski Boots 2022 in White size 24.5

Crush it like Cody Townsend in your new Salomon MTN Summit Pro W Alpine Touring Ski Boots. Inspired by high ascents and technical endeavors that require more than an inclination for type 2 fun, the MTN Summit Pro brings years of product development together to create a lightweight and strong boot that’ll hold up during the most intense backcountry missions. Fully heat moldable, this fast and light shell has a 70 degree range of motion in walk mod […]

Womens Salomon MTN Summit Pro W Alpine Touring Ski Boots 2023 in Gray size 27.5

There’s nothing more dramatic than a blown out sidewall, but luckily the Salomon No Drama Snowboard is made for successful park laps. The true twin shape excels at riding regular or switch and the combination of Quad Camber with the EQ Rad Sidecut is stable, snappy and agile. The stiff flex can handle big landings and the Royal Rubber Pads give extra protection to your sidewalls, so you can jib off any feature and leave your worries and drama at […]

Womens Salomon No Drama Snowboard 2023 size 149 Rubber

Allow us to introduce you to a boot comfortable enough to get your laps in, all day long. The Salomon Pearl Boa Snowboard Boots feature Salomon’s heat moldable Gold Liner for a custom fit with excellent foothold and control while maintaining plenty of cushion and rebound for harsh landings and expressing your creativity on the mountain. That, plus D-Light outsoles and the easy Boa closure makes exploring your favorite terrain easy! Imprint This b […]

Womens Salomon Pearl Boa Snowboard Boots 2021 in Black size 5

The Salomon Pillow Talk Splitboard is everything you need out of your splitty. It’s a super lightweight directional shape with a centered stance and rockered tail, giving it extra versatility and a hint of freestyle feel. The wider design gives you plenty of float for whispering sweet nothings to pillow lines and pow stashes, while the pulled in tail and sturdy flex pattern give you power and reliability for when things get heated. As an added bo […]

Womens Salomon Pillow Talk Splitboard 2022 size 145

Get your downhill skiing career off to the right start in the Salomon QST Access 60 W Ski Boots. A women’s liner with anatomic tongue guarantees all-day comfort, with a Woolmetal layer to keep your toes warm while you dial in your lefts and rights. The shell is durable and soft flexing and the Hike and Ride walk mode makes visits to the lodge, the commute to and from the parking lot, as easy as pie. Make every day at the mountain a walk in the p […]

Womens Salomon QST Access 60 W Ski Boots 2023 Wool in White size 24.5 Wool, Polyester

New and learning skiers need a break and the last thing they want to spend the day worrying about is their feet. Make it easy on the hill, walking to the ticket booth and even in the lodge after the day is done with the Salomon QST Access 70 W Ski Boots. A super comfortable, wide lasted 104 mm shape combined with Salomon Hike & Ride walk mode (it won’t slam you in the calf each time you take a step) mean all day comfort from the time you leave […]

Womens Salomon QST Access 70 W Ski Boots 2023 Wool in Blue size 24.5 Wool, Polyester

Tired of spending half your precious ski day inside trying to get your feet up to body temp? Get the Salomon QST Access 80 Custom Heat W Ski Boots and put those memories firmly in the rear view mirror. With a wide 104mm comfort last, a medium 80 flex and a heating system built right into the liner of the boot, the QST Access 80 CH will let you focus your energy into better things – namely the skiing. Alpine ISO 5355 Soles My Custom Fit Sport W L […]

Womens Salomon QST Access 80 Custom Heat W Ski Boots 2022 , Wool size 25.5 Aluminum, Wool, Polyester