Roxa is here and you best take note. These little-known to the American market boots have hit the backcountry market with awards galore. The Roxa R3W 95 T.I. I.R. Alpine Touring Ski Boots will blow you away with their Next Gen 3 Piece Cabrio shell and heel lock buckle, allowing you to send it up or down the mountain with minimal weight and a super secure, snug fit. Roxa’s also partnered with Intuition to create a freeride liner that is 100% heat […]

Womens Roxa R3W 95 T1 I.R Ski Boots 2022 size 23.5 Polyester

Women’s Roxa R3W 95 T1 I.R Ski Boots 2022 size 23.5

Break free from the confines of long lift lines and experience the serenity of the backcountry with the Roxa RX Tour Ski Boots on your feet. Weighing just 1190 grams (in a 26.5 size), the RX Tour offers efficiency to your ups while the cabrio shell and 62deg range of motion walk-mode allow for a natural stride. Once you’re at the top, transition quickly thanks to the simplicity of the 2-buckle design and quick-flip ski-hike mode lever. U75 Tour L […]

Womens Roxa RX Tour Ski Boots 2022 , Rubber in White size 23.5 Aluminum, Rubber, Polyester

Shoot the breeze with a board that feels just right from the get go. The Roxy Breeze C2 Snowboard combines a smooth riding C2 Hybrid contour with grippy Magne-Traction edges for precision edge control in any snow conditions. With mild taper and a slightly setback stance, the Breeze makes it easy to maintain control and keep your nose up in powder, perfect for the rider who loves soul surfing through fields of fresh. 2 x 4 Inserts Full Hearted Cor […]

Womens Roxy Breeze C2 Snowboard 2023 size 154

Shred the entire mountain with ease on the Roxy Breeze Snowboard. The Breeze is designed with a setback stance and a snappy medium flex, along with a C2 rocker profile to keep you surfing through powder and leaving clean trenches in the groomed. It’s time to start making a name for yourself and leading the pack with the Roxy Breeze Snowboard. 2 x 4 Inserts Kind Hearted Core A little kinder, softer wood. Sustainably harvested Aspen/Paulownia. Magn […]

Womens Roxy Breeze Snowboard 2022 size 144

The Roxy Dawn Snowboard is a super friendly board paired with the right technology for comfortable progression. Its twin geometry, Easy-Rise rocker profile and softer flex make the Dawn ideal for the rider who may be a bit intimated by what the resort has to offer, but is ready to conquer their fears and start taking names. 2 x 4 Inserts Magne-Traction Serrated edge technology for incredible edge hold. 7 strategically located edge serrations pro […]

Womens Roxy Dawn Snowboard 2022 size 146

Looking for a new BFF? Preferably one who enjoys early morning carpool karaoke sessions on the way to go hang out in snow-capped mountains? The Roxy Dawn Snowboard is your ride or die, combining an easygoing personality with an insatiable thirst for adventure. This twin shape has an Easy-Rise rocker profile and a soft, forgiving flex that’s ideal for beginner riders on the up. True Twin A true twin snowboard shape is ideal for riders who want to […]

Womens Roxy Dawn Snowboard 2023 size 138

The Roxy Feelin Color Luxe Goggles are the real deal. They are solid performers in an array of light conditions, fit seamlessly to your helmet of choice and offer a look that is bound to make your shredder friends jealous. Look at the big picture this season with the Roxy Feelin Color Luxe Goggles. PU Injected Frame Double Density Face Foam and Polar Fleece 40mm Wide Strap Band with 2 Slider Adjusters 3D Mesh Filters Cylindrical PC Injected Lens […]

Womens Roxy Feelin Color Luxe Goggles 2022 in Black

The Roxy Feenity Color Luxe Goggles offer the light protection you need with the comfort and style that makes them shine. Don’t let bright days and flat light take you for their own wild ride. Look to and look through the Roxy Feenity Color Luxe Goggles for some backup. 100% UV Protection 40mm Wide Strap Band with 2 Slider Adjusters Double Density Face Foam and Polar Fleece PU Injected Frame 3D Mesh Filters […]

Womens Roxy Feenity Color Luxe Goggles 2022 in White