The Jones Solution Splitboard won’t solve all of life’s problems, but it has the answer to every backcountry head-scratcher. Icy skin-tracks? The grippy Traction Tech 2.0 inner edges eat those for breakfast. Avy debris and variable chunder all the way back to the car? No problem, the powerful Ultra Split Core with Flax / Basalt reinforcement provides chatter-free performance and high-speed response when the snow is less than perfect. And when it […]

Womens Jones Solution Splitboard 2022 size 155 Polyester

Women’s Jones Solution Splitboard 2022 size 155

The problem may be unique to the First World, but it weighs heavily on our minds – how to get way up there so you can snowboard down? Jones has the answer in the Jones Solution Splitboard and they do it arguably better than anyone else. This high performance backcountry tool pulls out all the stops when it comes to features designed to get you up and down in style and comfort – from the “no hook” 3D Contour Base to the Traction Tech 3.0 edge des […]

Womens Jones Solution Splitboard 2023 size 152 Polyester

Driving to the mountain with an uncertain forecast? The Jones Stratos Snowboard is the easy answer. A directional rocker profile with just the right amount of camber underfoot provides pop, power and grip on firm snow, while 3D Contour Base shaping makes for dreamy transitions to softer stuff. A tight sidecut and friendly flex give this board a playful feel so you can carve, drop and bounce around the mountain to your heart’s content. Sintered […]

Womens Jones Stratos Snowboard 2023 size 143 Polyester

When wisecrackers inevitably ask if your board is the evil twin (yawn), you can say “hell naw!”. The Jones Twin Sister Snowboard is the super fun and playful one that knows how to have a blast no matter what the day throws at you. As the most freestyle-oriented board in Jones’ lineup, it’s the perfect ride for side hit jibbing, switch riding gals who love to take the most creative line down the mountain. With its catch-free 3D base, stiff CamRock […]

Womens Jones Twin Sister Snowboard 2023 size 149 Polyester

K2 have brought lightweight performance to women’s boots and now they’re bringing the heat. The K2 Anthem 105 MV Ski Boots are proof that heated liners no longer are the sole province of sloppy beginner-level boots, which in turn is proof that people who ski well and often actually prefer to have warm feet. Mind = Blown. This is the same awesome 105 flex boot as the regular Anthem 105 MV, but with a Therm-ic heated liner with batteries built in […]

Womens K2 Anthem 105 MV Heat Ski Boots 2023 size 22.5 Aluminum

K2 is leading the charge when it comes to building stiffer boots for lady chargers and the K2 Anthem 105 MV Ski Boots are a cornerstone of the program. This is an ideal choice for freeriders who love to ski hard both on and off piste and who’ve grown too wise to put up with full days of discomfort on the hill. A heat moldable shell, relaxed 100mm last and a remarkably light but powerful shell design are the path to lower limb Nirvana. Precisio […]

Womens K2 Anthem 105 MV Ski Boots 2023 size 25.5 Aluminum

The K2 Anthem 110 LV GW Ski Boots offer serious downhill performance at a seriously low weight. With a firm flex, a fully heat moldable fit and GripWalk soles for extra comfort getting to the chairlift, these boots check all the boxes for high level resort skiers looking for precision, response and ease of use. Step into a pair of Anthem 110’s and you be ready to rip all day long, for years to come. Dual Cuff Alignment Dual sided cuff alignment […]

Womens K2 Anthem 110 LV GW Ski Boots 2021 in Green size 22.5 Aluminum

The K2 Anthem 115 LV Ski Boots provide the powerful platform and precision fit that strong female skiers demand. With exceptional out-of-the-box comfort and full heat molding capability, the Anthem 115 LVs are just the tool for expert skiers driving longer and wider skis at speed. PowerLite Shell The shell is purpose-built to result in the best skiing, lightest weight boots ever produced. Made with four different stiffnesses of TPU and optimized […]

Womens K2 Anthem 115 LV Ski Boots 2023 size 24.5 Aluminum