Once you’re no longer constrained by boundaries and chairlifts, a whole new world of possibility opens up to you. And if you’ve spent your resort riding days looking for untracked powder and steep faces, the backcountry is so sweet you might never go back. The GNU Barrett Splitboard was hand built in the rugged Olympic mountains with just the goal of helping you explore this snowy new world of ultimate freedom. Designed to be featherweight on the […]

Womens GNU Barrett Splitboard 2023 size 149

Women’s GNU Barrett Splitboard 2023 size 149

Learning new things is hard. But it’s a lot better if you have a good teacher. Someone that will be patient, be encouraging and most of all be nice. The GNU B-Nice BTX Snowboard is just that teacher. It’s a friendly, catch free all-mountain freestyle board that will take you from day 1 to pro in no time, with nothing but kindness and stoke along the way. 2 x 4 Inserts Mervin Made Hand made at the Mervin Factory in Washington, USA with zero hazar […]

Womens GNU B-Nice BTX Snowboard 2023 size 154

Shred nice lines, on nice days, with the nicest friends on the GNU B-Nice BTX Snowboard. Its soft flex, easygoing shape and Original Banana contour allow for catch-free and predictable riding across the entire mountain. Even if conditions are sub-nice, there’s no better resort BFF than the GNU B-Nice BTX Snowboard. Note: this is a factory blem and may show cosmetic imperfections. Art Mike Perry / @mikeperrystudio Flex Rating Soft – Medium Eco-Su […]

Womens GNU B-Nice BTX Snowboard Blem 2022 size 151

The versatility of the GNU B-Real Snowboard Bindings shines through no matter how or where you ride. A reclining highback ensures a super speedy entry so you can get up and riding quickly after dismounting from the lift, translating to at least 50 more untracked powder turns per season. And with automatically opening ankle straps for unmatched ease of use, your days will be that much more chill and frustration-free. Multi-Entry Rear entry binding […]

Womens GNU B-Real Snowboard Bindings 2023 in White size Medium, Large Nylon

GNU Fantast Snowboard Bindings are, like their name suggests, fantastic, with an obvious lack of ick. By combining their great Speed/In rear entry design with a responsive aluminum baseplate, GNU has created an all-round binding that’s shockingly easy to use. Comfortable and secure, these allow you to head straight to the goods. Never miss out on first tracks again! Flex Rating 6.5 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff) ERGO-X Asym Highback Ergonomic shape with sof […]

Womens GNU Fantast Snowboard Bindings 2023 in Black size Small Aluminum

When the snow stacks up and it’s time for Jamie Anderson to leave the park for the big mountains, she reaches for the GNU Free Spirit C3 Snowboard. This big mountain powder board is loaded with float, dialed for response and ready to crush the lines of your dreams. It’s big spoon nose is unsinkable, whether surfing down powder bowls or dropping pillow lines and it’s backed up by a stiff, reactive core and aggressive camber profile that will kee […]

Womens GNU Free Spirit C3 Snowboard 2023 size 148

Your skills deserve more than a matte finish, so give em some extra sparkle with the GNU Gloss C2E Snowboard. Built with an easygoing rocker profile and grippy Magne-Traction edges, the Gloss is perfect for playful park laps and glossy smooth, flowing runs down the groomers. Hand built in the good ol’ US of A at Mervin’s eco-friendly facility, the Gloss Snowboard is bound to get the creative juices flowing on the mountain. Eco-Sublimated Co-Ex Ba […]

Womens GNU Gloss C2E Snowboard 2022 size 130

The GNU Gloss C2E Snowboard is what snowboarding is all about. Sure it uses some pretty fancy tech like Magne-Traction edges and a C2e rocker profile and it comes with a stylishly witchy design, but at it’s core this board is all about simple pleasures. It’s a blunted freestyle twin that’s built for glory day in the park and dream days hot lapping with your friends. It’s poppy, playful, approachable and fast. It’s simple snowboarding, done righ […]

Womens GNU Gloss C2E Snowboard 2023 size 144