Spring corn harvesting never looked so good! The Elan Ripstick 94 Tour Skis have everything you need to make your uphill just as rippin as the down, from icy skin tracks to spring slush. Crafted with a lightweight laminated woodcore and carbon reinforcements, these sticks are both super strong and super light. Flip into your kick turns with ease and embrace the smooth, sweet feeling of holding a deep carve. With the Ripstick 94 Tour Skis, you’ll […]

Womens Elan Ripstick 94 Tour Skis 2023 size 171

Women’s Elan Ripstick 94 Tour Skis 2023 size 171

There’s no secret potion or magic elixir for pure all-mountain confidence, but the Elan Ripstick 94 Skis come pretty damn close. They’re light, nimble, snappy and a pleasure to ski in everything from firm groomers to soft, powder covered bumps. Coming with Elan’s industry leading Tubelite Wood Core and all new Carbon Line Technology for increased power and hold on your inside edge, they deliver grippy, assured turns wherever you take them. Tubel […]

Womens Elan Ripstick 94 W Skis 2022 size 170

Ideal for spring touring and hut-based traverse skiing, the Faction Agent 1.0X Skis are built around a lightweight Karuba wood core and feature a full carbon weave laminate for responsive performance. With Faction, even their lightest offerings are built to last and the Agent 1.0X is up to the task with XL 2.5mm edges, sidewall construction and anti-chip cap tip and tail profile. XL 2.5mm Edges Extra edge thickness gives the skier a pair of ski […]

Womens Faction Agent 1.0X Skis 2022 size 154

The Faction Agent 3.0X Skis are a touring powerhouse. These skis are built for discovery, starting with the lightweight core that won’t burn your legs out on the way up. The full carbon weave adds strength and energy to that core, delivering a smooth and dependable flex for the way down. The balanced rocker profile keeps you afloat in powder while camber underfoot holds a tenacious edge in adventurous backcountry conditions. Whatever the mountain […]

Womens Faction Agent 3.0X Skis 2022 size 180

Step into the Faction Dictator 1.0X Skis and take control of your destiny. These skis are the best candidate for no-nonsense soft-snow skiing in the morning followed by agile mogul-mashing after lunch. You’ll have no problem weaving through trees or afternoon shadows – the Faction Dictator 1.0X Skis shred it all, while maintaining a smooth, stable ride provided by dual layer Titanal around the core. Push your skis to do more with the Faction Dict […]

Womens Faction Dictator 1.0X Skis 2022 size 162

Cover all your bases with the Faction Dictator 2.0X Skis. From icy chutes to chopped up leftovers to frozen avy debris, these skis let you take control of the mountain with unwavering power and confidence. Surf Zones give you float when times are good and the powder is plenty. But the Dictator 2.0X is built for the ups and downs – twin sheets of Titanal and full sidewall sandwich construction make these skis bombproof in unforgiving conditions. D […]

Womens Faction Dictator 2.0X Skis 2022 size 171

Conditions shouldn’t dictate the quality of your skiing, you and your skis should. The Faction Dictator 3.0X Skis are a one-ski-quiver for the freeriding gal who wants to excel in all conditions. With these, you can power through any kind of snow – fresh, mashed, chunky, corn, firm – no need to reach for another set. Elliptical Radius Sidecut protects you against hard snags at high speeds and when you want to turn sharp or stop hard, you can. Th […]

Womens Faction Dictator 3.0X Skis 2022 size 164

A super balanced and versatile all-mountain ripper, the Faction Prodigy 3.0X Skis make short work of everything from tree lines to vast bowls of blower. The directional twin shape is ideal for letting the tails come around in narrow chutes or trees, but still arc a clean turn on the groomed. As is the custom at Faction, the full poplar core and sidewall construction lends power to the ski and give it confidence on steep and hard slopes. 370mm Tip […]

Womens Faction Prodigy 3.0X Skis 2022 size 178