A nimble front side ski that excels at quick transitions, the Dynastar M-Pro 84 W Skis are a powerful and precise tool that favors skilled skiers. The M-Pro 84 is best in short and medium radius turns and carves cleanly with little effort. Sporting a narrower waist width for days where you know the majority of your skiing will involve firm snow, the M-Pro 84 will let you dance that groomer dance like you mean it. Sintered HD Base Full Sidewall C […]

Womens Dynastar M-Pro 84 W Skis 2022 size 163

Women’s Dynastar M-Pro 84 W Skis 2022 size 163

New for the season, Dynastar has completely revamped it’s freeride series. The M-Pro Line is the hard-charging, big mountain ripping piece of Dynastar’s new freeride puzzle and at 90 mm underfoot, the Dynastar M-Pro 90 W Skis are the midsized women’s option. After the first round of testing, evo employees agreed on one thing: these skis rip. The M-Pro 90’s can lay down some serious trenches on the hardpack and they’re not scared of getting toss […]

Womens Dynastar M-Pro 90 W Skis 2022 size 170 Polyester

Boasting the extreme versatility of a 99mm waist, this midsized freeride stick is a do-it-all tool for hard charging skiers. The unique titanal Rocket Frame construction provides good torsional stiffness for a damp and powerful ride that still manages to feel extremely light and nimble edge to edge. The Dynastar M-Pro 99 W Skis are powerful and responsive on bulletproof groomers, chewed up chunder, dreamy pow and everything in between, making th […]

Womens Dynastar M-Pro 99 W Skis 2022 size 170 Polyester

Finding the right metaphor to describe the Elan Ripstick 102 Skis is almost impossible, because they embody everything a hard ripper needs to have their best day of the season. Constructed with a Tubelite wood core that’s light enough to flick around with ease, these sticks are reinforced with carbon for extra power and response. The Ripstick slays the hardpack and floats like a dream over the fluffy stuff. For everyone looking to dig deep and sk […]

Womens Elan Ripstick 102 Skis 2023 size 170

Hey you. Yes, you reading this page. Do you like to go fast? Like, really fast? Get in on this, the Elan Ripstick 88 Skis MIGHT just help you beat your friends. Whether you like to smash the Ice Coast or get out on freshly groomed runs everywhere else, these sticks are all but guaranteed to help you beat your pals to the lift. Constructed with carbon rods that provide stability and power and a lightweight Tubelite Wood Core that makes the Ripstic […]

Womens Elan Ripstick 88 Skis 2023 size 154

Prefer to live life on the groomed? The Elan Ripstick 88 Skis are a capable all-mountain option with lightning quick reflexes and enough versatility to dabble in off piste terrain when the feeling strikes. Constructed with the same Carbon Line Technology and TubeLite woodcore as the other Ripstick skis in a slimmed down package, the 88s deliver the quick edge-to-edge performance and precise turning needed to satisfy corduroy connoisseurs all seas […]

Womens Elan Ripstick 88 W Skis 2022 size 162

The Elan Ripstick 94 Black Edition Skis are like an emotionally mature partner: powerful, controlled and great at challenging your skiing without ever wavering in their support. Constructed with a full wood core reinforced with carbon QuadRods, these skis are so powerful, groomers will gasp in awe when they see you ripping down the hill. Their asymmetrical flex design provides targeted control and edge precision, delighting your thigh muscles an […]

Womens Elan Ripstick 94 Black Edition Skis 2023 size 154

Magic on the mountain is more than just snowflakes falling tenderly on your glove, sometimes its clipping into a pair of Elan Ripstick 94 Skis and feeling them grip the snow beneath you on every turn. Thanks to Elan’s signature Tubelite Wood Core that provides torsional stability and supreme response, variable snow, moguls, groomers and chop don’t stand a chance. The Elan Ripstick 94 skis are almost better than a pow day… Almost. Carbon Line T […]

Womens Elan Ripstick 94 Skis 2023 size 162