The Black Crows Anima Birdie Skis are wild things. Anyone seeking to tame them should simply look for a different ski. This is a ski that needs to be let loose and laughs at attempts to simmer it down. But if you can prove yourself to be as fearsome, as bold and as uncouth as the Anima, you’ll never find a more reliable partner in crime. This big mountain ski is designed for Freeride World Tour descents, with the blend of soft snow handling, fi […]

Womens Black Crows Anima Birdie Skis 2023 size 176

Women’s Black Crows Anima Birdie Skis 2023 size 176

The Black Crows Atris Birdie Skis are the everywoman’s big mountain ski. Or maybe they’re big mountain skis that can ride the small mountains too. Bottom line is, while these things can handle the high speeds, big drops and teeth chattering runouts that come with big mountain skiing, you don’t have to be a Freeride World Tour competitor to click into them. The Atris Birdie offers a sturdy yet approachable flex with a directional shape for one-sk […]

Womens Black Crows Atris Birdie Skis 2022 size 169

The Atris Birdie is one of the most popular birds in the Black Crows’ flock. This traditionally cambered freeride ski has one of the most balanced skill sets around. It is the quintessential playful charger, providing excellent high end performance in freeride-style lines, while also remaining smooth and accessible for all-mountain endeavors. With a 105 width that’s floaty enough for powder days and maneuverable enough for groomers, the Black Cro […]

Womens Black Crows Atris Birdie Skis 2023 size 160

The Black Crows Camox Birdie Skis celebrate everything we love about skiing. They’re just plain fun to ride and they make anyone a better skier. They’re dependable enough for expert freeriders and forgiving enough for intermediate piste riders. They rail on the groomers, love to play in trees and powder, have plenty of pop for the side hits and grip for the ice. Just slap these on your feet, go skiing and remember there’s no bad days out on th […]

Womens Black Crows Camox Birdie Skis 2022 size 174

The Black Crows Camox Birdie Skis embody the soul of all-mountain resort riding. These skis are meant to enable fun, stylish skiing all across any resort in any conditions. They do this with a versatile 97mm waist width, a smooth yet stable flex profile and a perfectly honed directional rocker profile with camber underfoot and rocker on either end. It’s a ski that’s playful, poppy, poised and very easy to get along with. We recommend a brake wi […]

Womens Black Crows Camox Birdie Skis 2023 size 162

The Black Crows Captis Birdie Skis are made for inbounds play time. They have an approachable flex and a super nimble feel edge to edge. Depending on your riding style, you can turn them into a mellow all-mountain cruiser, or an energetic side hit machine. They have tons of bounce thanks to traditional camber underfoot, with rockered tips and tails for extra pivotability. With their 90mm waist, the Captis handle well in the bumps, through springt […]

Womens Black Crows Captis Birdie Skis 2022 size 171

With the Black Crows Divus Birdie Skis strapped to your feet you become a groomer devouring diva, hammering out any turn shape across the smooth snow. Two H-shaped sheets of titanal provide dampness and stability, while the narrow waist and short sidecut radius ensure lightening fast edge-to-edge transitions. An outstanding ski to feed the groomer zoomer within. Sintered Graphite Base Energetic Flex with Great Edge Grip Performing but maneuverabl […]

Womens Black Crows Divus Birdie Skis 2022 size 162

Hard chargers and heavy hitter carving skiers will find a willing tool in the new Black Crows Orb Birdie Skis. A new design with long classic camber for optimal edge contact and a double “H” shape Titanal laminate in the build to give the ski stability and power at speed, the Orb Birdie combines precision turns and straight line confidence in a versatile 88 mm-waisted package. Energetic Flex Poplar Wood Core Long Classic Camber Large snow/ski con […]

Womens Black Crows Orb Birdie Skis 2022 size 169