The Arbor Cadence Camber Snowboard is one of pure passion, made to compliment the flow of your body, adapt to street styles smooth or playful and provide a harmonic all around shred platform that excels everywhere on the mountain. Made with highly responsive system camber that pushes as hard as you can take it and tattoo-inspired graphics by artist Hilary Jane; the Cadence is good for mother earth, your body and the sport which you lovingly giv […]

Womens Arbor Cadence Camber Snowboard 2023 size 144

Women’s Arbor Cadence Camber Snowboard 2023 size 144

Inhale the sweet frozen air, put on your favorite tunes and get into the groove with your new Arbor Cadence Rocker Snowboard. Designed to mold to whatever riding style you boast, this park board with an all mountain flair effortlessly adapts to the pops, jumps and switch tricks you’re throwing out into the world. With traditional tattoo inspired art lovingly created by Canadian Hilary Jane, this gorgeous platform is more than just good for the […]

Womens Arbor Cadence Rocker Snowboard 2023 size 143

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And for snowboarding, that first step is a heck of a lot easier on the Arbor Ethos Snowboard. This snowboard is the perfect platform on which to perfect the craft of sliding sideways on frozen water. It has a fully rockered profile, which means the edges curve away from the snow instead of towards it, so turn initiation is easy and catch free. The flex of the board is smooth and so […]

Womens Arbor Ethos Snowboard 2023 size 150

No cameras please, the Arbor Poparazzi Camber Snowboard is all you need for a great day on the mountain. Progrssing riders can enjoy a crisp day on edge evading pesky onlookers and those pesky riders that cut you off thanks to it’s responsive and crisp System Camber. This is an all mountain twin that provides great value for every day resort riding. You might want to blend in, but your riding will stand out, beautifully. Wend Natural Wax All Arbo […]

Womens Arbor Poparazzi Camber Snowboard 2023 size 144

The Arbor Poparazzi Rocker LTD Snowboard is all about fun. It’s the most well-rounded women’s-specific shape in the Arbor lineup, with a design that aims at riding it all. It has a smooth, soft flex and twin shape for freestyle performance, a solid construction for durability and reliable edge hold for consistent riding on the groomers and steeps. Arbor’s System Rocker profile makes this board super easy to turn and flowy to ride, especially in […]

Womens Arbor Poparazzi Rocker LTD Snowboard 2022 size 141

Yes, love it, that’s the angle! When you show off your Arbor Poparazzi Rocker Snowboard to the tabloids, every photo is worth top dollar. System Rocker gives progressing riders a surfy, buttery ride on a twin platform that rides backwards, forwards and whatever you do in between. Whether you’re working the side hits, showing off your groomer cred, or strategically revealing your favorite stash, the Poparazzi is guaranteed front page. 2×4 Ten Pac […]

Womens Arbor Poparazzi Rocker Snowboard 2023 size 141

Snowboarding is too fun to limit yourself to just one dimension of the mountain. Ripping the groomers is fun, playing in the trees is fun and messing around just for the sake of it is also fun. That’s why the Arbor Sequoia Snowboard Bindings are made to do it all. With their responsive and energy efficient System X baseplate design, clever asymmetrical highbacks, adjustable heel cups and light but durable aluminum buckles, the Sequoias are eleg […]

Womens Arbor Sequoia Snowboard Bindings 2021 in Black size Small, Medium Aluminum

Have you heard about these sequoias? They’re the next big thing. And the previous big thing. And just like their namesake, the Arbor Sequoia Snowboard Bindings are larger than life. They define the genre of high performing mid-flexing binders that will help you feel comfortable and in control anywhere on the mountain. Universal 4×4 Disc Bow-Strap Adjuster Arbor’s patented “Bow-Strap” adjuster and ladder strap swings out of the way quickly and eas […]

Womens Arbor Sequoia Snowboard Bindings 2022 in Mint size Small, Medium Nylon