When it comes to protecting your greatest asset (your brain), shortcuts are non-negotiable. Swoop up the Anon Nova MIPS Helmet, equipped with a Boa Fit System, MIPS Technology and an ICEdot Sticker and push yourself in the mountains this year. Whether you’re hunting deep pow in the far reaches of the backcountry or celebrating your first time up Chair 2, the Anon Nova MIPS Helmet will keep you protected, warm and most importantly, safe. CE 1077 […]

Womens Anon Nova MIPS Helmet 2021 in Green size Small

Women’s Anon Nova MIPS Helmet 2021 in Green size Small

We all know the importance of wearing a helmet, but why not shoot for protection AND style? The Anon Omega MIPS Helmet is a magical blend of both, with a carefully crafted in-mold shell construction that combines with MIPS slip-plane technology for supreme impact resistance. Meanwhile, the Omega MIPS Helmet’s sleek, unique style is sure to turn heads in the lift line! Active Ventilation Control your helmet climate with the one-handed convenience […]

Womens Anon Omega MIPS Helmet 2022 in Black size Medium Polyester

Get up and get out there with the Anon Raven MIPS Helmet. A Fidlock Snap Helmet Buckle and an auto-adjust fit system mean less time messing with your gear and more time sliding on snow. Built with MIPS Technology and Endura shell ABS construction, you can ride confidently knowing your the Anon Raven MIPS Helmet is doing its bit to keep you safe on the mountain. Passive Ventilation Passive ventilation channels integrated into the helmet draw fresh […]

Womens Anon Raven MIPS Helmet 2022 in Black size Small

If it feels like you’re wearing a boulder on your head, it may be time to get a new helmet. The Anon Rodan Helmet is lightweight and comfortable without kicking protection to the curb. Built-in passive ventilation keeps your cranium cool as you ride, while the 360deg Boa Fit System makes it easy to cinch things down for a snug yet comfy fit. And best yet, Fidlock Snap Buckle is a breeze to use with gloves on, meaning it’s one less thing to fiddle […]

Womens Anon Rodan Helmet 2023 in Black size Medium Polyester

It’s time to ditch the heavy gear and pick up the Anon Rodan MIPS Helmet. A lightweight polycarbonate shell and MIPS Technology make this head bucket light and durable for days when you’re carrying lots of pocket snacks. An in-shell 360deg BOA Fit System allows you to adjust the helmet to the shape your head for a snug fit, while built-in passive ventilation keeps your head cool even if the laps are red hot. Plus, the Fidlock Snap Helmet Buckle s […]

Womens Anon Rodan MIPS Helmet 2023 in Black size Small Polyester

The Sync Goggles are a new offering from anon, combining simple low profile style and superior functionality with top end goggle tech. These primo snow shades offer superb clarity of vision with large cylindrical ZEISS Sonar lenses, Wall-to-Wall vision and Full Perimeter Channel Venting working together to provide sharp optics with zero fogging when the going gets tough. Featuring comfortable triple density face foam and M-Fusion lens change tech […]

Womens Anon Sync Goggles 2022 in Black

The Anon Tempest Goggles have it all. An anti-fog spherical lens inside a TPU frame for flexibility and lightness. Full venting and a comfy flush outrigger for ultimate comfort. Wall-to-wall vision for supreme peripheral sight. Need we say more?! Full Perimeter Channel Venting Anon’s Full Perimeter Channel Venting ensures maximum airflow, bringing fresh air into the goggle while pulling moisture away from the lens. Full Perimeter Channel Venting […]

Womens Anon Tempest Goggles 2021 in Sage

When it comes to stylish goggles with maximum fields of vision, the Anon WM1 Goggles reign supreme. Designed with anon’s Magna-Tech quick change lens system to make swapping out different lenses a breeze, Full Perimeter Channel Venting to eliminate the risk of fogging up and Triple Layer Face Foam for all-day comfort, you’ll quickly realize that you can’t go wrong with the Anon WM1 Goggles wrapped comfortably around your face. Full Perimeter Cha […]

Womens Anon WM1 Goggles 2022 in Black Polyester, Plastic