Throw away the ends of the salad? Try this clever trick instead – you’ll get completely new vegetables! We automatically throw away some parts of vegetables, and we don’t even realize that we have a ready-made treasure at home. In the case of a salad, for example, it is the root or the end part that is hard and does not taste so good.

Throw away the ends of the salad?

But did you know that you can grow a whole new plant from this part? Get inspired by our latest tip!

We need:
Cutting board (optional)
A knife
Wash the salad well. Then you will cut off about ten centimeters of the root. Thoroughly wash the container in which you will cultivate the lettuce and partially fill it with water.

Place the lettuce root in the prepared glass. Then place it in a well-lit place, even on a windowsill where direct sunlight shines. After about 10 days, you should have nice lettuce leaves. You can collect them whenever you want and look forward to more.