For joy on the plate and soft, wrinkle-free skin. Cucumber helper. The homeland of the cucumber is India, where it was cultivated 3,000 years ago. It appeared in Europe in the 9th century and in various modifications it still appears on our menu today. What can you find in it and what delicacies can be conjured from it?

For joy on the plate and soft, wrinkle-free skin, Cucumber helper

What is hidden in a cucumber

The pulp contains more than 95% water. Vitamin content, especially C, B1 and B2, is represented to a lesser extent. The main share of calories is formed by carbohydrates. From 100 g of cucumbers, it is possible to obtain 2.5-3 g of sugars with a low glycemic index. Proteins that purify the body, stimulate the kidneys and have a healing effect on the skin are also valuable. The juice strengthens the elasticity of hair and connective tissues. Cucumbers contain soluble and insoluble fiber.

If we want to keep the maximum amount of it, we use unpeeled cucumbers. The relatively high content of potassium and low amount of sodium makes cucumbers a food with mild diuretic effects. It is therefore suitable for swelling and some kidney diseases. A favorable ratio of mineral substances is beneficial for diseases of the heart and blood circulation. Cucumber seeds are also important for the human body. They contain fiber that supports intestinal peristalsis.

Cheap cosmetics from own resources

Cucumber mask smoothes out wrinkles and rejuvenates sagging skin. To prepare it, we need one egg white and two tablespoons of mixed salad cucumber. Beat the egg white and mix it with the cucumber. Leave on the skin for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Similar to the mask is a cleansing tonic , which also refreshes the skin, shrinks pores and soothes puffy eyes. Cut two slices from a smaller cucumber and grate the rest into sour cream. Clean the face with the lotion created in this way. Place cucumber slices on the eyes and rest for 15 minutes. Rinse again with lukewarm water.

If you manage to get sunburned , help yourself again with a cucumber. Put it sliced ​​or grated on painful places – it cools down pleasantly.

Tarator – soup of summer days

The well-known Bulgarian soup is healthy, tasty and refreshing. Its basis is sour milk and salad cucumber. It can have more variations with the replacement of milk with yogurt or sour cream. Grate the cucumber on a fine grater. There is also the possibility of variations such as slices or cubes. Add the cleaned garlic crushed in a press. Salt and you can add dill or spices to taste. Mix well with milk, yogurt or cream. Can be improved with chopped nuts, or ice cubes in hot weather.

Make “sourdoughs”

Place the ingredients on the bottom of a stoneware or glass container: chopped onion, dill, horseradish, allspice, black pepper, it is possible to add vine leaves, sour cherries, black currants, or garlic. Quantities are individual according to taste and popularity. Prick the pickled cucumbers with a fork and put them in a container.

We alternate layers of cucumbers and vegetables with spices. When the container is full, pour the cold pickle over the cucumbers. Add 50 g of salt to one liter of water, maybe even a little vinegar. Cucumbers must be below the surface, they must be weighted so that they do not float on the surface.

At a room temperature of 20-22 °C, they are edible after a week and we can store them in the cold. The fermentation process slows down and we can consume until the bottom.