Are you tempted by a summer diet? Be careful with her, you would definitely not be pleased with the results. In the pursuit of a beautiful body, we often reach for a diet. If it is properly thought out, it could work. However, be careful that it does not represent an extreme. Recently, we have come across the so-called fruit diet. Let’s be careful, it will contain a high fructose content. That’s why we decided to shed light on her and tell you more about her.

Are you tempted by a summer diet

Fruit, fruit, fruit

The basic idea of ​​the fruit diet is the consumption of fruit. While the average person should get about 2 cups of fruit a day, this diet is far more. Fruit should mainly be fresh, but it can also be in the form of smoothies, drinks, heat-treated, etc. However, you should avoid preserves or dried fruit, which contain a lot of added refined sugar.

As with other diets, it is recommended to eat 5 times a day. Instead of a balanced diet, however, milk, meat, pasta, in short, everything that is not fruit is cut out of it. The old adage also applies here, that you need to drink enough clean water, which is approximately 2-3 liters for an adult. The goal of this diet, which should be followed for a maximum of 3 days, is, as with the others, weight reduction and body modification.

A short-term fruit diet can really help you shed a few pounds. This is also why the fruit diet is especially popular among models and women who need to lose weight in a short time. On the other hand, according to registered dietitian Kate Patton , what we lose is not fat, but muscle. The problem may come after the end of this diet, when most people may experience an unwanted yo-yo effect after returning to the classic diet.

If you think that you will always eat fruit, think twice. A fruit diet is not suitable as a long-term form of eating . Over time, the body begins to lack important vitamins and nutrients (for example, iron, fats, proteins and others), which are simply not found in fruit.

Did you know that: People who only eat fruit are called fruitarians?

A study on fructose

Fruit is undoubtedly a valuable source of important vitamins and nutrients. It is refreshing, it will give you energy, and in addition, in the summer, when we don’t like it that much, it is certainly a pleasant variety in the diet. Perhaps the latest findings are all the more surprising. Fruit contains fructose, also known as natural sugar. According to the portal , however , it turned out that: “A diet with too much fructose can disrupt the functioning of the immune system. This is suggested by their finding that fructose causes inflammation in the immune system.’

Everything in moderation

The fruit diet is not suitable for diabetics or people who are prone to malnutrition. In addition, if you have suffered from dental problems all your life, you should also consider this diet. Some fruits actually act like corrosion on the teeth. This is especially true of apples or sour oranges, which can damage tooth enamel.

Undoubtedly, the age-old truth that we should eat fruits and vegetables applies. However, you have to remember that everything should be done in moderation. A fruit diet can be a pleasant short-term refreshment of the diet during the summer. It supplies us with vitamins, improves the skin and helps to clean the intestines. If you decide to try it, consult your general practitioner first. It is ideal if you follow a balanced diet and replace, for example, only certain types of side dishes with fruit, or replace sweets with fruit.